Position: Mental Health

Mental Health has long been stigmatized in this country. Things such as clinical depression, or other issues have gone untreated because the person suffering from Mental Health issues either cannot – or will not – seek the professional help they need. Mental Health does not simply afflict the individual suffering, it afflicts those around them.

One common denominator of so many problems this country faces is people are not in their right state of mind when things occur. Things such as recent shootings around the country have frequently pointed to the perpetrator being “mentally unstable”. We, as a first rate country, need to focus on improving our Mental Health system. We can do better. We must do better. Accepting the status quo on this, leaving people suffering because of stigmas, or a lack of ability to treat those needing help is just not acceptable. As I have been talking with voters, I have had voters tell me that they have had difficulty seeking mental healthcare treatment for their children. I have been told of waits of 6 months or more to get their children help… that is, unless their children start causing problems with the law. I do not feel that this is acceptable. We need to find ways to get people the help they need – when they need it. We can do better.

Mental Health finds itself interjecting itself into so many aspects of our lives, and especially the bullet points of my positions. We need people that bear arms to be in good mental health. Mental Health interjects itself into Veteran’s issues, as we discuss things such as PTSD, and TBI. Mental Health interjects itself when thinking about those whom are Mentally Disabled.  Mental Health affects some people’s ability to find gainful employment, and exercise a purpose in life, and the ability to succeed economically.

Because of this, as I continue to learn more about Mental Health, I will keep the focus on improving treatment and research to help those afflicted by Mental Health issues, and I will keep insisting we remove the stigma that follows Mental Health concerns, thereby allowing people whom need help to feel comfortable and safe receiving Mental Health care.

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Great – I would love to hear from you. I listen to you! Let me know how you feel.